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             The Population Information Center serves both as a REFERENCE LIBRARY and clearing house of information. It contains a wide range of materials on Demography and other related fields. 

          It also consists of over 20,000 volumes of books in Thai and English as well as theses, proceedings of conferences, CPS publications, periodicals, reprints, series and other library materials. 

          With the advent of advanced information technology, the information center have developed its collection to collect the information in the form of databases, which in turn allows users to search the information from our online databases.

             For the library's services,  the Population Information Center Database and Repository plus several online databases are readily available for access.Users can easily access these databases by visiting the College of Population Studies Website or Chulalongkorn University Library Website.

           Library materials found in the center are for room use only and cannot be borrowed for home use. The library also offers interesting information on Population to various government agencies, non-government agencies, private agencies, International agencies, University, Schools, etc. Currently, the library has a mailing list database of about 3000 records that are usually utilize for information dissemination.